About Us

Who We Are

We exist to fund domestic adoptions for approved families by creating and selling a brand of inspirational products.  100% of profits go to families who need assistance. 

We create designs that we feel inspire, lift up, and just make our customers smile.  No one on our staff or board receives a paycheck or stipend.  All profits, past true operational expenses, go to funding adoptions.  

Did you know there are about 425,000 children in the foster care system within the US? Around 150,000 of those children can't be returned to their biological parents.  None of these children chose their reality.  That is why we are doing this.  Adoption is the one sure way to change their life.  Adoption gives them a home, a support system, meets their needs, gives them an education, and provides them hope for the future.  Every child deserves the opportunity to be unconditionally loved.  

Did you know that the average adoption through the system is between $20K - $40K?  Only about 2% of Americans will consider adoption and less than half of a percent will actually walk down the path once they realize how expensive it is.  

Help us eliminate the financial barrier to adoption.  Remember, we can't fund adoption grants unless you buy our products.  Support us today!

Number of Grants Funded - 0

****We just launched in October 2018 and are hoping to fund our first grant early 2019.