Apply for a Grant

Threaded Missions launched in October 2018 with the intention of selling products we create to fund domestic adoptions.  We do this because the financial hurdles are often the only thing preventing a couple from making the decision to adopt.   Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your adoption journey.  All applications are welcome, but due to limited funding, we are unable to award grants to all qualified applicants. Funding priority will be given, but not limited, to families with the greatest financial need.

We correspond primarily by email.  Applicants must check their accounts often.  This is the easiest method of communication for us because we are all volunteers and this method keeps costs low.   

Grant Type: Direct
Adoption Type: Domestic
Award Range: Up to $10,000 (awards vary on a case-by-case basis)

Application Info

Application Fee: No

When To Apply: After you have chosen a licensed 501(c)3 adoption agency

How Often Are Grants Reviewed: 4 Times Per Year

Application Deadlines: 
 - February 28  - Board Meets to Review in March
 - May 31 - Board meets to review in June
 - August 31 - Board meets to review in September
 - November 30 - Board meets to review in December

Response Time: Allow 45 Days after Board Meeting (you will be notified either by mail or email)

Where Are Funds Sent: Directly to Your Adoption Agency

Application Completed By Whom: Adopting Family, not your agency or a lawyer

Items That Should Accompany Your Application (please black out social security numbers):

  • IRS tax information (W2 and 1040 or 1099 forms) for the last two years
  • Net worth of property, investments, goods, and liquid assets
  • Annual budget information for both income and expenses
  • Address, phone, name, and email of your adoption agency and caseworker
  • Estimated adoption expense sheet
  • Two reference letters of your choice
  • Family or referral photos 

Other Good To Know Facts:

  • We fund one adoption at a time per family, unless it is a sibling case and that will be considered on a case-by-case basis with a larger total grant. 
  • We give preference to families with the greatest financial need. 
  • We give preference to families who have less than three children already, this does not mean we won't fund families with more children already in their home.  Children already in home can be adopted or biological. 
  • We may ask to use your family's story on social media and other marketing avenues.  Your story will assist us in selling more products in order to fund more adoptions.